Flame retardant electrolyte KLE-N101R


Key words:

Flame retardant electrolyte KLE-N101R



New product

Test item Technical indicators unit


Detection method


appearance Transparent liquid ---


Visual method





≤20 ppm

Karl-fishukullen method

chroma ≤20 Hazen


Pt-Co Colorimetric method


Density 1.23±0.02 g/cm3


Density meter


Electrical conductivity 10.4±0.3 ms/cm


Conductivity meter


Free acid ≤20 ppm


Acid base titration


Product features


This type of electrolyte is developed for high safety battery, with good circulation performance and no combustion in safety test



Examples of application


Applied to ternary/artificial graphite cylindrical batteries
First charge and discharge efficiency


1C cycle at room temperature


Safety performance


Capacity retention rate %


Acupuncture, overcharging, extrusion


500 weeks


Acupuncture, overcharging, extrusion




No fire, no explosion

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