"Healthy peers * Charming Kunlun" - Xianghe Kunlun Fun Games

2020-05-09 09:30

When it comes to the "sports meeting", our memories stay on the campus for a moment: at that time, we were in full bloom, moving forward bravely, waving the class flag, cheering! A touch of memory, sometimes even taking time to exercise has become a luxury.

The epidemic at the beginning of the year has not yet eliminated the tense atmosphere. In order to achieve the strategic goals set by the company at the beginning of the year, increase the cohesion of the team, relieve the anxiety caused by the epidemic, regain the youth of youth and increase the vitality of the team. On the eve of May Day, Xianghe Kunlun Chemical Products Co., Ltd. specially held a fun sports meeting titled "Healthy Peers * Charming Kunlun". With careful preparation, it officially kicked off at 13:30 pm on April 30. The first is the "Ba Duan Jin" competition. Displayed by department one by one.



 The picture above: All employees in the production workshop




Above: All staff in the office




After scoring by the jury represented by Mr. Guo, the final winners are: all the employees of the office.

(Note: Baduanjin Gongfa is a set of independent and complete fitness exercises, which originated in the Northern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 800 years. The ancients compared this set of movements to "jin", which means colorful, beautiful and luxurious! It reflects the beauty of its movements, and regards it as "removing diseases and fitness, with excellent effects; exquisite arrangement; perfect movements." The content and name of modern Baduanjin have changed. This exercise is divided into eight sections, each section An action, hence the name "Ba Duan Jin", the practice does not require equipment, is not limited by the venue, is easy to learn, saves time, and has an extremely significant effect;

On the eve of preparing for this fun sports meeting, the company organized team building activities in order to relieve the tension of employees' daily work, increase the amount of daily exercise, and enrich the daily life of employees. This fun game will give everyone the opportunity to show, so as to increase the team's centripetal force.

The second item is the team presentation. There are four teams in total, which are formed by the previous draw, named respectively: health, happiness, youth and vitality, symbolizing the driving force of our team.




The third event officially started the fun games.

1. Kangaroo Jump Relay: Put on a "kangaroo bag" with the assistance of teammates, bind your feet and only take off with your legs, plus quickly return to the finish line to hand over to the next teammate, the final victory can only be achieved by perfect cooperation throughout the process . Just like the degree of cooperation in our work: only by perfecting every detail and handing it over to the next colleague, can we finally hand in a perfect answer sheet.



2. Rope skipping competition: each person is counted for 30 seconds, each group of members participates in the competition in turn, and the group with the most jumps in total wins. Passing this competition means that only if one's own quality reaches the highest level, it will not affect the final result of the team. Just as we need to continuously improve our professional quality in our daily work to adapt to the increasingly fierce competition in the current market environment.




3. Leggings relay race: use 10 meters of two-person leggings to advance to bypass the obstacles in the distance and then return until all the people are finished, and the team with the shortest time wins. This game tests the tacit understanding of the two people when they travel: the same legs and the same pace. The difficulty is whether the two will "accommodate" each other when passing the curve. In our daily work, we often need to complement each other's advantages and avoid each other's shortcomings. Only by keeping pace can we reach the final destination.



4. Clamping table tennis game: Clamp the table tennis ball with chopsticks, and at the same time need to pass the pre-set obstacles, and the team that safely returns the most balls within 5 minutes wins. The difficulty of this game lies in balancing the strength of the table tennis players, overcoming the obstacles and transporting the ball to the finish line smoothly. This sport was proposed by Mr. Guo before: from the beginning of the design, the use of bamboo chopsticks was replaced by the use of white steel chopsticks to hold the ball, which greatly increased the difficulty of the game. The implication of this activity is: in our daily work and research and development process, we need to break through various barriers of technology, and finally meet the needs of customers.



5. Tug-of-war competition: Each group selects 6 people (4 men and 2 women) to participate, using the best of three games. It indicates that only by forging ahead in unity and doing everything possible can a temporary victory be won. The game also needs to have strategies and tactics: how to stand, how to exert force according to slogans and instructions, and have the endurance beyond the opponent, in order to finally defeat the opponent in front of you and win the final victory.



Through the above five competitions, the healthy team came out on top and won the championship.



Pictured above is the champion team: The Healthy Team




The picture above shows the winning team of Baduanjin



The Games ended successfully in a cheerful and warm atmosphere! Through this event, everyone felt the vitality, motivation and cohesion of the Kunlun team, and had a new understanding of the concept of collective. During the event, people fell from time to time and were lifted up by their teammates. With the most intimate care, it was touching; there were also cheers and joys from everyone when they won; and the loss of the game, but we are not discouraged. We have teammates' cheer and encouragement. ; And the admiration and blessings for the winning team... We remember every bit of this in our hearts. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition environment, only by continuously improving our own professional quality and team cohesion can we better meet the bright future. Don't forget the original intention and live up to the youth! Facing the challenges of the future: we are ready!