Digital electrolyte

Digital electrolyte

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Ordinary cylinder KLE-N405C

The electrolyte is developed for consumer cylindrical battery and has good cycling performance and safety performance.

High voltage type electrolyte KLE-C108V

This type of electrolyte can be charged and discharged at 4.5V for high voltage battery with positive lithium cobalt acid, and has good cycling performance and high temperature performance

Huzhou Kunlun Annual Meeting and 2021 Summary and Commendation Conference

The commendation and award ceremony of Huzhou Kunlun ENCHEM Battery Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held on January 22, 2022. All leaders gathered together to open the commendation meeting in a passionate, warm and active atmosphere.

Do not forget the original intention, go to the future together

On January 22, 2022, Kunlun Materials held the 2021 year-end summary meeting in Xianghe and Huzhou. The heads of various departments and important management cadres of the company participated in the summary meeting. The chairman and general manager of the company, Mr. Guo Yingjun The reports made by the heads of various departments fully affirmed, highly recognized the achievements made in 2021, and put forward specific requirements for the development of work in 2022.

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